ACCA-X: a great learning experience

We meet Tan Ze Ling, a student based in Singapore

Can you give us a summary of your career so far?

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Banking in 2014, but I did not start my career in the banking industry. After two years of working in retail, I made up my mind to go for accounting as my future career path. I enrolled for an LCCI Diploma in Accounting and Finance, and for the last three years I have been working as an accounts assistant.

Why did you enrol with ACCA-X?

I had already decided to enrol as an ACCA student in order to gain more knowledge of accounting at a professional level, and to help progress my career further – this is how I found out about ACCA-X and the online learning courses which students can follow at their own pace. 

Which ACCA-X courses did you take?

I took the Introduction to Bookkeeping and Introduction to Management Accounting courses, and also the Intermediate Management Accounting course. I completed all three courses before I began to prepare for my Applied Knowledge exams.

What was your learning experience with ACCA-X?

ACCA-X was a great learning experience – study materials came with detailed explanations, and there were also plenty of exercises at the end of each chapter as well as graded practice tests. I was also very impressed that the exercises all came with completed solutions and notes on why these solutions were correct. In addition, there were always helpful staff available to assist students, and a discussion board where students could interact.

How will your ACCA-X experience help your career, both in the short and long term?

In the short term, ACCA-X increased my knowledge and understanding of professional accounting, which has helped me in my current job as an accounts assistant. The experience has also motivated me to continue with my ACCA studies, and eventually I see myself achieving a senior role after I become an ACCA member.

About ACCA-X

ACCA-X launched in 2015 and has won six industry awards, including Study Resource of the Year at the PQ awards 2017, and Best Online Education at the International and European Association Awards 2017. 

The online courses contain all the resources you need to pass exams. Students who learn with ACCA-X online courses also achieve higher exam pass rates than the global average. 

Join thousands of other ACCA students using ACCA-X online courses to help them prepare for their ACCA exams (FA1, MA1, FA2, MA2, F1/FAB, F2/FMA, F3/FFA). 

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