A stepping stone to fruitful career opportunities

ACCA student Kamaal Lalani from Karachi, Pakistan, talks to us about ACCA-X.

Can you give us a summary of your career so far?

I left school in 2007, after my Cambridge O levels, and went straight into full-time employment as a sales representative for a foreign exchange company. Within 18 months I was in charge of the cash department and after five years I was given the opportunity to launch a new branch in Dubai, where I was both the youngest and newest of the five employees chosen to work there. After the company was taken over I returned to Karachi and joined a real estate firm, where I am now a property administrator and financial accountant.

Why did you enrol with ACCA-X?

Financial constraints had prevented me from taking my A Levels, and it wasn’t until 2019 that I finally mustered up the courage to go back to my studies. I started with my GED US High School Diploma, which I passed with a score of 86%. This made me realise that you are never too old to continue studying and, although it may be difficult after a major gap, it is still achievable. It also encouraged me to consider ACCA as the next step in my education and in my career.

Which ACCA-X courses did you take?

I first enrolled for the FA1 and MA1 exam preparation courses (in bookkeeping and management accounting) in order to familiarise myself with the syllabus, as I was looking at options for what to do after the GED.

What has been your learning experience with ACCA-X?

I found the ACCA-X courses to be quite helpful, especially the question banks, and course content was comprehensive and insightful. Each course kept me on a consistent learning path and helped me brush up my knowledge of some core concepts. The ability to track progress and assessments at the end of each module was also a plus point.

Where are you now in your studies?

After I completed the FA1 and MA1 preparation courses, I was encouraged to pursue the ACCA Qualification, and so formally registered as an ACCA student. I began my Accountant in Business exam studies and hope to sit the exam this year. I also intend to continue on to the MA2 ACCA-X course.

How will your ACCA-X experience help your career, both in the short and long term?

For me, the free ACCA-X courses have been stepping stones to the ACCA Qualification which, I believe, will lead to a number of fruitful career paths, so that one day I can, in return, contribute both to the profession and to society.

About ACCA-X

ACCA-X launched in 2015 and has won six industry awards, including Study Resource of the Year at the PQ awards 2017, and Best Online Education at the International and European Association Awards 2017. 

The online courses contain all the resources you need to pass exams. Students who learn with ACCA-X online courses also achieve higher exam pass rates than the global average. 

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